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The Gazette
Welcome to the Gazette - Quarterly Newsletter

New! Spring 2007

In this Issue:

Pigeon and Dove in Argentina

Most Excellent African Adventure

Ballywalter Park, N. Ireland

Paraguay - Pigeon

Heritage Guns

Beretta's New Small Bores

Physicians' Seminars

Wingshooting the World with Chris Batha on the Outdoor Channel

Spring 2004

In This Issue:

Birds, Boats, Trains & Planes

Schedule of Schools Shows
Gamebird African Safaris

Viva Argentina!

In The Gun Room
How To Sell Your Gun, New
Beretta SO10

Dreams In My Coffee, Changing

Guest Columns: John Taylor,
Susan Quigley

Savile Row Sporting
What Shot Should I Use?

Elephant’s Revenge

Good Gear, Good Reading
Land Rover Defenders

Clayshooting in the
Off Season

Sharpening Your “Axe”
Speed is Lead and
Lead is Speed


Summer 2006

In This Issue:

Pheasant in the Emerald Isle

Driven Pheasant at Highland Hills

The Scotland Report

The Wiley Woodcock

Blue Quail in Texas

More Quail in GA and SC

The Boswell Pendragon

The Castore Hammergun

Wingfield, Art Gallery
and more!

Spring 2005

In This Issue:

T V Wingshooting Trips

Sporting Clays in Georgia

CLA Game Fair Tour

Charles Boswell .410
& New Gun List

More Good Things

The Sportsman's Gallery

Winter 2004

In This Issue:

CLA Game Fair - The Grand Tour

Wing Shooting in Scotland,
Wales and Spain

Hot Barrels & Cold Beer in The UK

Dove in Argentina


In The Gun Room

The Mashomack Club

A Galazan Visit

School and Show Schedule

Dorchester Quail

Ford Plantation

Traveling to the UK with Guns

The King of Game Birds



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contact: Sdgump@hargray.com

Winter 2004-2005

In This Issue:

Gunfitting Across America

Clays and Quail in GA

Wing Shooting Trips

Charles Boswell and
More Gun News

A Few Good Things

The Sporting Art Gallery

Inagural Edition - Fall 2003

In This Issue:

What Makes A Best Gun?

Dorchester Shooting Preserve Hosts Fall
Wing and Clay ShootingSchools

Argentina! The Ultimate Wing Shooting School

Red Leg Partridge Shooting in Spain

High Pheasant Shooting in the Welsh Borders
of the UK with Chris Batha

New Video! “Mastering the Double Gun”

One-Day Shooting Schools

Best Guns

The Ford Plantation Weekend


Fall and Winter 2005

In This Issue:

Partridge in Spain

Ducks in Sweden

Wingshooting in Africa

Clays & Quail in GA

Charles Boswell .410
wins Boothroyd Award

In The Gunroom

The Sportsman’s Gallery