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2021 Schedule
Shooting Schools, Lessons
and Custom Gunfittings


Locations: Forest City Gun Club, 9203 Ferguson Avenue, Savannah, GA 31406, Bluefield Shooting Club, Jacksonboro, SC, Turkey Hill Plantation, Ridgeland, SC

OCT 2021

All Dates are booked!


Nov. 19: Half Day AM
Nov. 23: Full Day
Nov. 24: Half Day AM
Nov. 30: Full Day

DEC 2021

Dec. 1: Half Day AM
Dec. 2:
Full Day
Dec. 3:
Half Day AM
Dec. 7: Full Day
Dec. 8:
Half Day AM
Dec. 9: Full Day
Dec. 10:
Half Day AM
Dec. 14: Full Day
Dec. 15:
Half Day AM
Dec. 16: Full Day
Dec. 17:
Half Day AM

Chris Batha's Driven Partridge in Spain
February 4th- 9th, 2022

The traditional "ojeo", Driven Red Leg Partridge is without a doubt, some of the world's most exciting and challenging wingshooting! Spain's mild temperatures. breath-taking scenery and outstanding hospitality make this a "hunting dish" for any wingshooter to savor. All this, combined with the most charming and experienced of hosts, Alfonso Fabres, makes this trip a true fiesta.

Learn more


Note: Saturdays and Sundays are often available
for Trap, Skeet and Gun Fittings


One Hour Lesson:

$175.00 per person, maximum 2 people

Half Day School:
$375.00 per person, maximum 4 people

Full Day School:
$575.00 per person, maximum 4 people

Clays and Quail School:
$1,025 per person including Half Day School, Half Day Hunt and 8 Quail. Additional Quail @ $11.50 each.

Custom Gun Fitting:
$375.00 Maximum one person
(takes about 2 hours) 


To book a Lesson, Shooting School or
Custom Gunfitting, Call 866-254-2406

or email or


If you are interested in a Charles Boswell or other fine gun, custom-made to your dimensions, please contact Chris Batha at 1-866-254-2406 or come meet him at one of the USA Shooting Schools or Shows. Custom Gunfits are free with the purchase of a new gun.


Chris Batha Shooting Solutions for
Wing and Clay

43 Pinckney Colony Road, Okatie, SC 29909 866-254-2406 Toll Free 843-757-4835 Direct

Red Line

Hourly Lessons, Half-Day and Full Day Shooting Schools,
Clays and Quail Wingshooting Schools and Custom Gunfittings

Individual Hourly Lessons:
The emphasis is on helping the student (or students) work on fundamentals to improve their performance on specific targets. Limited to two students per hour. All clays and on-site transportation is included.
Cost: $175.00 per hour for one student
$225.00 per hour for two students sharing the hour

Half-Day Shooting Schools:
A more comprehensive lesson format designed for two to four students. The Half Day Schools can be three hours in the morning or three hours in the afternoon.
Morning Session: 9AM to 12 Noon - Afternoon Session: 1 PM to 4 PM
The Half-Day Shooting School begins with a Safety Talk followed by a brief discussion of each individual’s goals.

Next, all go to the Skeet Field and are video-taped showing their posture, stance and gunmount as they shoot several target presentations. Returning to the club house, the video tapes are played and gun mounting and shooting positions are viewed and discussed, followed by a brief classroom session.

After the classroom session, all go out to the Skeet Field/Five Stand/Clays Course to shoot, putting into practice the points that have been covered. Note: For a Half-Day School, a student should plan to bring 250 shells. All clays and on-site transportation are included.
Cost: $375.00 per person Half Day Schools are for 2 to 4 People.

Full Day Clays Shooting School:
The Full Day Clays Shooting School format is designed for two to four students and includes both morning and afternoon sessions with a break for lunch.
School starts at 9AM and finishes at 4 PM.
The Full Day Clays School begins with a Safety Talk, followed by a discussion of each individual’s shooting goals.

The class then goes to the Skeet field where each student is video-taped showing their stance, posture and gunmount shooting high and low house targets. Returning to the clubhouse, the video tapes are played and reviewed, followed by a class room session.
After the class room session, all go to the Skeet Field/ Clays Course to shoot a variety of targets. At noon, there is a break for lunch.

In the afternoon, the class goes to the Sporting Clays Course where each individual will work on the fundamentals as applied to their individual goals. For a Full Day Clays, School each student should bring a flat of shells. All clays, on-site transportation and lunches are included.
Cost: $575.00 per person Full Day Clays Schools are for 2 to 4 People

Note: A 50% non-refundable deposit is required for all Full Day Schools.
Checks made payable to: Chris Batha Shooting School
43 Pinckney Colony Road, Okatie, SC 29909

Custom Gunfitting:
The comprehensive Custom Gunfit takes two hours and is designed to maximize the individual’s ability to shoot to his or her full potential.

Using the adjustable try gun (over and under or side by side), videotaping the gunmount, shooting the pattern plate and selected targets, the final measurements can be used when ordering a custom gun or altering existing guns. Note: Only one person can have their gun fit at one time.
Cost: $375.00

Red Line
Note: We are not set up to take credit cards at this time, but we do accept personal checks and (of course) cash.
Full Day Schools require a non-refundable 50% deposit with balance due upon completion of the school.