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learn to follow your instincts with the churchill unique style of shooting

         To achieve the smooth combination of stance and posture, gun mount and technique that results in the “Instinctive Shot”, the sportsman needs to be in balance. This balance starts at the beginning and continues through to the completion of the shot. This holds true in the field, on a sporting clays course or on the skeet range.
         Balance begins with the feet and their position in relation to the target. It is then complemented by body posture, allowing the gun to be easily and properly mounted to the cheek and shoulder, unimpeded. When both of these fundamentals are learned, then good gun fit becomes a prerequisite of successful shooting.
         Technique is the final component, be it “Pass Through”, “Pull Away” or “Sustained Lead”. Only when combined with the well practiced and drilled fundamentals can a truly “Instinctive” shot be made.
         In my teaching the emphasis is always on creating these foundations which are the building blocks of successful “Instinctive Shooting”. -Chris Batha


Thanks for the shooting lesson yesterday. Although I've been shooting all my life, I can honestly say that I learned more about shooting in one day at your class than in all my other days of shooting combined. You have a great approach to teaching.Cheers,

Kelly Land
Copenhill, Inc.

skeet/trap photo shooting from blind photo lecture photo shooter photo
group photo 1 group photo 2 group photo3

Shooting School sessions are limited to no more than four students per two-day school. This will enable each group to have maximum “one on one” coaching and involvement with the instructor and reap the full benefit of the course. See "Schools and Shows" for current schedule.