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Teaching the Churchill Style of Instinctive Shooting

Wing Shooting, Clay Shooting, British Course Design, Shotgun Courses and Shooting Schools with Chris Batha, world authority on double gun shooting.

What is Instinctive Shooting? A combination of the fundamentals of stance, posture, gunmount and technique that enables a shot to be taken without conscious thought.

Chris Batha is the Senior Instructor and Gunfitter for London Gunmakers E. J. Churchill.

He has over thirty years wing and competition clay shooting experience worldwide and a life long passion for fine guns.

Chris is considered one of the highest qualified and most experienced shooting instructors in the world today.

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Chris Batha

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book cover

"If you don’t have a game-shooting technique book, this is one you must own"

-Vic Venters
Sr. Ed. Shooting Sportsman Magazine

download the complet review.acrobat link

Also:A review for The Instinctive Shot, from the Countryman’s

Read the review part 1

Read the review part 2

$45.00 plus shipping

To order your personalized autographed copy,
call Toll Free 866-254-2406 or email

New DVD!
“Take Your Best Shot”
$64.95 Shipping Included

Available on DVD or VHS:
"Mastering the Double Gun"
$64.95. See The Gazette for details

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Copyright 2008 Chris Batha. All rights reserved.

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Copyright 2008 Chris Batha. All rights reserved.

"Just had the best experience in Argentina Thanks to you! My colleagues couldn’t believe how much better my shooting was this trip. I gave you all the credit. They even had me explain what I had learned.

The only shooter that had a better percentage than me had also attended one of your courses! I can’t tell you how much more fun your instruction made my trip--It was definitely worthwhile."                          -Keith Watson

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