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The Sportsmans Gallery • Good Artwork

Pam and Cody Houston

Pam and Cody Houston are Montana artists who celebrate their interests, lifestyle and environment in their paintings and sculpture. They are both active hunters and shooters, so it seems only natural that these activities appear in their work.
      As a full-time sculptor for 35 years, Cody has done pieces for the National Rifle Association, Winchester Arms Collectors Association, the National Wild Turkey Federation, Ducks Unlimited, Eddie Bauer, Orvis and The Vintagers. His work varies from small gallery to larger-than-life monuments.

Examples of their art can be seen at www.houstonfineart.com.
E-mail: pamandcody@worldnet.att.net or call 406-866-3446.

Painting of birds
A native of Montana, Pam paints her world in transparent watercolors and oils. Between the studio's beautiful location on the Missouri river and the amount of outdoor activity just outside the door, Pam never runs out of subject matter. She often paints hunters and dogs as well as game birds, still-lifes of shotguns and favorite hunting equipment. Both Pam and Cody are available for commission work.

Painting "Flyfishing"

     Specializing in Antique Paintings of The Sporting Life and Country Pursuits, Derry Meeting Fine Arts has established itself as one of the premiere sources of authentic art in this field.
     Susan Quigley, the owner and an acknowledged authority on Antique Sporting Art, is herself a keen shooter and fly fishing enthusiast.
      She says, “I feel that my own passion for hunting and fishing has helped me to appreciate the artists’ quest to describe in oils, watercolors, etchings and ink the sense of action and drama implicit in their subject.

Painting Black Labrador

Visit the Derry Meeting website - www.sportingart.cc.
Ms. Quigley can be reached at 610-869-8323 Derry Meeting Fine Arts, 81 Greenlawn Road, Cochranville, PA 19330.

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