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Ducks in Sweden • Wing Shooting in Africa

Taking full advantage of their cover, they quickly become wild, moving to any of the 15 large lakes available, each lake offering shelter from predators and ample food. As you can imagine, this string of duck-filled lakes becomes the ultimate decoy to the passing migratory birds.

Duck platform
     At the start of the drive, the guns are assigned to blinds, often floating pontoons in the middle of the lake. There are strict rules to the shooting - no duck is allowed to be shot entering or leaving the lake (sanctuary) but only when in flight (pass shooting). Even then, the duck must be at sufficient height and distance (40 to 45 yards) to challenge the Gun, giving the bird at least a fifty-fifty chance.
    Each drive begins with the blowing of a hunting horn. At that sound or, more usually, by a shot being fired, the ducks begin to move off the lake. They naturally follow their instincts and seek the cover of the sanctuary. Here the game keeper will use one or two dogs to flush the heavy cover (the dog is almost invisible, deep in water and cover).
     The ducks will rise in ones and twos, occasionally a half-dozen at a time.

They naturally fly the length of the lake to the other sanctuary, presenting the passing shots demanded by these more experienced European shooters. The drives will last up to 45 minutes and the action is constant! Every imaginable shot is presented to the Guns and their skill and marksmanship is tested to the limit.
     There is literally an army of pickers-up and the Labrador retriever is the dog of choice here. On both days there were 16 pickers-up and 32 dogs and they were magnificent! Not one shock collar, no shouting, just whistle and hand signals… the dog work was worth the visit on its own!
     Each day there are 3 to 4 drives, with a break for a traditional Swedish lunch. At the end of the day, the bag is displayed and everyone involved is present while an ode to the quarry is played on the bugle. Then all of the Guns take a turn to personally shake the hand of every game keeper and picker-up.


 The takeAfter the hunt

     After a shower and a change of clothes, yet another Swedish feast is served, accompanied by single malt, excellent wines, cigars and Tall Tales. What a day!     You can expect to shoot around 1,000 ducks of several different species in a two-day shoot consisting of 6 to 8 drives. Some of you may be shocked by the numbers, but bear in mind that only 4 shoots are held each season. Then, at least 50%, or some 5,000 ducks, join their migratory brothers and sisters on their passage South each year.

Dogs and ducksThe knock-on effect from the conservation efforts and predator control is obvious in the abundant wildlife and fauna present on the Estate.
     Would I go again? Most definitely! It was the best and most challenging duck shooting I have had the fortune to take part in… it was indeed, Ducks! Unlimited!

     For any of you who may be interested in visiting the Claestorp Estate for their spectacular Duck shooting, please contact Staffan Schullstrom at Gyttorp Cartridge Company, Malmgatan 1, SE -713 00 Nora. Telephone: 011-46-587-10040, Fax 011-46-587-13251 or via e-mail: Staffan at office@gyttorp.com.

Africa - The Ultimate Wingshooting Adventure!

Wanted: 6 serious Wing Shooters to join me on one of the most spectacular Wingshooting Adventures I have been able to find—10 days in South Africa and Botswana while I do the filming for “Wingshooting The World with Chris Batha”, the High Definition Television Series.

The Dates: August 19th to 30th, 2006.

The Itinerary:

August 19th: Depart USA.
August 20th: Arrive into Durban and transfer to Baynsfield. (For Geese, Red Eyed Dove and Red Necked Spurfowl)
August 21st: Full Day of Wingshooting
August 22nd: Half Day Wingshooting, then after lunch, drive 2 1/2 hours to the ZuluWings lodge in Northern KwaZulu Natal. Afternoon: Wingshooting, (Ducks, Guineafowl, Swainsons, Spurfowl, Doves and Pigeons)

August 23rd: Full Day of Wingshooting
August 24th: Full Day of Wingshooting
August 25th: Drive 3 to 5 hours to Johannesburg and fly to Victoria Falls, then transfer to Ichingo Lodge. Afternoon: fishing for Tiger Fish and Game viewing in the Chobe and Zambezie Rivers.
August 26th: Fishing and Game Viewing.
August 27th: Fishing and Game Viewing, after lunch, transfer to either Chobe Safari Lodge or Lilly Pad Lodge in Kasane.
August 28th: Walked-up for Guineafowl and Spurfowl, Pass shooting for Doves.
August 29th: Walked-up for Guineafowl and Spurfowl, Pass shooting for Doves.
August 30th: Depart for USA

The lodging and accommodations are for two people sharing twin en-suite rooms at a beautiful luxury lodge in South Africa and in a “Hemingway” tented village in Botswana.

The cuisine is traditional African, and guaranteed to put some meat on your ribs!
  As the Wingshooting is to be filmed as part of my “Wingshooting the World” series, each participant will receive their own personal copy of the shows.
     Because of the filming, I have been able to secure this amazing multi-species Wing Shooter’s Dream Trip for only $6,800.00 per person. This includes 1500 rounds of ammunition, (additional rounds at $11.00 per box), all tips and in-country air flights.

      This does not include flights from the USA to Africa, hard liquor and telephone calls.
     The spaces are limited, so please secure your place by calling and sending in your 50% deposit as soon as possible!


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