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the care and maintenance of a best gun • gunsmiths in the usa

Fine guns deserve fine treatment. At the end of every season you should submit your gun for a service, or strip and clean as it is known in the gun trade, to a time-served gunsmith.

From “Shotgun Technicana” - McIntosh & Trevallion

The gun will be disassembled into its three parts: Lock, Stock and Barrel. Each will be stripped down and examined for wear or damage. The gunsmith can then assess the gun’s condition, report any malfunctions, agree a price for the work and carry out the necessary repairs.
Some of the more common faults and their cures are as follows:
The Lock is the heart of the gun where by spring, rod and tumbler the gun can, on opening, eject spent cartridges, along with cocking the hammers, ready for the subsequent shot.
These parts are finely regulated and require great skill to take apart. Once the lock is apart and inspected, any parts requiring repair or replacement are identified and the owner is advised before the remedial work is carried out. The parts are re-built and lubricated with a mixture of Vaseline and oil.
The action housing the lock is boiled in a special solution to remove dried oil and dirt, resulting in a clean, bright

action with the engraving refreshed. It is then given a lacquer coating to protect the colour hardening from wear or the coin finish from tarnish.
The Stock is examined for any cracks or splits, particularly in the head, where it attaches to the action. Any minor repairs will be glued and pinned to stop further movement. The woodwork can be restored by steaming to raise any dents, scratches or marks before refinishing with a secret oil formula of terrapin driers, boiled linseed, alkanet slackum and other sorcery and black magic of the stockers trade. The resulting high sheen finish enhances the grain of the wood but, most important, the new finish is waterproof. If the chequering is worn smooth, it should be re-cut to be crisp with sharp diamonds to give better grip and handling.
The Barrels are inspected for pitting, dents and bulges, both by eye, feel and gauge. There are minimum wall thicknesses that must be maintained or the gun becomes dangerous. Then

the barrels are “rung”… they are held by the lumps and gently tapped with a pencil or screwdriver. A clear bell-like tone should be heard. If the sound is a dull report, it is likely that the ribs are loose and will require re-laying. Dents can be raised and polished out and, if the finish is poor, the barrels can be re-blued.
The gun is then reassembled and trigger pulls are set to the correct poundages and crispness. The ejectors are timed and regulated, safety and top lever springs tensioned and the bite checked on closing. All pins and furniture are blued and blacked. If there are any fitting alterations they will be made at this time, by hot oil bending or the installation of pads and extensions. The freshly overhauled gun is then taken to the shooting ground for test firing, where two or three boxes of cartridges will be put through it to test its safe and faultless function.
The gun on return can be placed in its cabinet with confidence, knowing that it is ready for action next season.

Chris and Dave
Over the years I have given work to and recommended all of the following and my clients and I have never been disappointed.
There are many more excellent craftsman and my apologies for not mentioning every single one personally.

David Trevallion
9 Old Mountain Rd.
Cape Neddick, ME 03902

Jack Rowe
4213 Oakcrest Ave.
Enid, OK 73703

Dale Tate
2951 Curran Rd.
Ione, CA 95640

Greg Wolf
36 East Dover St.
Easton, MD 21601

Steve Downes
P.O. Box 9184
Naperville, IL 60567

Hugh Lomas
54 West Rhine St.
Elkhart Lake, WI 53020

Andrew Mcfarlane
431 Quaker Meeting House Rd.
Honeoye, NY 14472

Doug Turnbull
6680 Routes 5 & 20
Bloomfield, NY 14469

Rich Cole
21 Bog Hollow Rd.
Harpswell, ME 04079

Del Whitman
3313 West South Airport Rd.
Traverse City, MI 49684

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