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In The Gun Room

In the past year I have built a small gun room and workshop at my homebase near Savannah, GA. The gun room will be an “appointment only” destination for the discerning sportsman.
Here I will carry a selection of fine custom guns from a variety of makers and prices from around the World, together with a selection of pre-owned guns.
Many times the decision to purchase can only be made from a brief handling of the gun at a show or in a store . In my gunroom, every gun in the inventory can be examined at leisure, then when your selection or selections are made, they can be tried out on the shooting grounds, so you can get a true impression of handling, balance and recoil.
A custom gun requires a custom fit and following your final choice, we will proceed to the pattern plate and work together to achieve the correct stock dimensions. We will also determine the gauge, barrel length, chamber, chokes and engraving you desire to accompany your order to the gun maker of your choice.
Pre-owned guns, where applicable, can be hot- oil bent and leather pads can be fitted to your personal requirements.
I have chosen the guns to very strict criteria: They must be of superb quality and function flawlessly, have intrinsic balance and handling, shoot straight and have both realistic delivery times and dependable after-sales service.
I realize that though we would all wish to own a Fabri or Boss, our budgets impact our choices. With this reality in mind, I will offer a range of prices and makers to cater to everyone’s pocket.
From England: E.J. Churchill

Churchill detail
A pair of EJ Churchill Shotguns

Manufacturers of the highest grade handmade English Sporting Shotguns and Rifles. In 1891 Edwin John Churchill established one of the most competitive and outstanding

gunmakers of all time. Founding its initial success on the live pigeon shooting circuit, the reputation of the company was based firmly on the fine balance, exacting fit and superlative finish of its guns, but ultimately how they performed in the field.
The finest of all these guns was the ‘Premiere’, which exhibited all of the qualities expected of the highest grade English sporting gun : style, grace, balance, durability and innovation. These qualities were no more obvious than in the manufacture of the pinless sidelock, which provided a firing mechanism impervious to the weather, as well as allowed the engraver an uninterrupted surface on which to indulge his art.
Today, E.J. Churchill Gunmakers still upholds these qualities throughout its range of the very best hand -built guns and rifles. We would be delighted to build one for you.
From Italy: Famars - Abbiatico & Salvinelli

Pegasus detail
A & S Pegasus Detail

Manufacturers of Side by Side, Over and Under Shotguns together with Double Rifles. Founded in 1967 by Mario Abbiatico and Remo Salvinelli, Famars immediately placed itself in the luxury long gun market, merging the tradition and the class of the best English armourers with magnificent mechanical and manufacturing innovations.
From 1976, all firearms produced by Famars bear the trademark “Abbiatico & Salvinelli”. In that period, the famous “Jorema” Boss Over and Under gun was introduced- the first of its kind in Italy.

From Italy: Rizzini These Over and Under Shotguns offer an incredibly high level of dependability and durability with widespread component interchange ability between models. These guns look great and have the style and handling characteristics of guns two or three times the price. Reliability and ease of service give the discriminating shooter a gun for all reasons and seasons.

From the USA: Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Company -“Galazan”

Galazan detail
A Galazan Over and Under

Please refer to the NY factory visit on page 6. What more can be said about the combination of modern technology and old world craftsmanship that achieves the supreme quality of every gun produced. A.H. Fox, Model 21’s and, of course, the Galazan Side by Sides and Over and Unders are all made completely in-house in Connecticut, USA.
From Spain: Grulla
Manufacturers of handcrafted shotguns since 1932, with a short break caused by the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), they have just celebrated 70 years of gun making.
Initially, five dedicated gunmakers started the company, building on experience gained over many years in the Eibar gun trade.
Over the years, the craftsmen who replaced the original five have maintained the same exacting standards of quality and finish that have given the name Grulla such a prestigious reputation.
From Spain: Kemen

Kemen detail
Kemen KM-4 Deluxe - Detail

Manufacturers of Sporting Over and Unders. Since 1990, Kemen have been renowned for their quality and craftsmanship. Kemen means “strength” in the Basque language and this gun has more than lived up to its name. Its reputation for durability and quality is second to none. Kemen has become the first choice of the world’s leading competition clay target shooters. George Digweed shot the only perfect score of 100 straight at the World Championships using his Kemen O/U. Sporting shooters who expect and demand the best choose Kemen.

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