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introducing the charles boswell • a new direction

In The Gun Room


       I consider myself a countryman with a lifelong experience of shooting, both in the field and competitively. For the past twenty years I have been engaged in the English gun and double rifle trade; instructing, fitting, buying, selling, renovating and repairing fine guns, dividing my time between London and the USA.
      This melting pot of experiences has resulted, I hope, in my being able to judge the quality of the workmanship of a gun and, being a practical sportsman, to be able to determine exactly what a good gun is and how it should perform.
      It has long been my dream to build my own guns. Many would consider this a foolish dream, given that the accepted method of how to “make a small fortune in the English gun trade is to start with a large one” and I have no fortune… large or small.
      That said, many of the old and established makers lose ground through conservatism and suspicion of innovation, plus, their prices are pushed up because of high overheads and their adherence to traditional manufacturing techniques.
      It is my intention to break the mould and blend tradition and technology to produce a Best Gun. I believe I can deliver a Best London Gun for approximately half the price of any comparable gun on the market today through the use of the finest outworkers in the trade ( as do many London firms). Being a very critical judge of what constitutes good work, as well as knowing which man can do it, will be the key elements in my achieving this goal.
      Every gun maker in the world today makes use of CNC and CAD engineering; the larger companies carry this out inhouse and the smaller ones use outside contractors. I will be no different.
      I have reached an agreement with the Italian gun making company, Famars di Abbiatico and Salvinelli to supply me with 10 machined barrels and actions annually. I will be working with Remo Salvinelli, one of the world’s Master Gunmakers, who has been responsible for a great number of important and excellent ideas and

Engraving closeup

inventions in gun making in recent years. Together we have created an exceptionally attractive design, with superb mechanical integrity. His invaluable assistance and contribution is a signature-guarantee of excellence.
       The manufactured parts will be shipped to England, where the action and ejector work will be submitted for London Proof, then the guns will be stocked, engraved and finished within the London trade.
      I personally will oversee every aspect of the building process, from collection in Italy of the raw parts through to the finished gun. Only ten guns will be made annually, with a delivery time of less than one year.
      A “Best Gun” deserves a “Best Name” and I have been lucky enough to acquire the name, goodwill and records of the London Gunmaker:
   Charles Boswell Gun & Rifle Makers

  16, Savile Row London W1 England
      The first two guns are already under construction. Both are small gauge, round action sidelock ejector over and unders. They will be on display at The Vintage Cup, Orvis Sandonnona,

C. Boswell

Charles Boswell

Millbrook NY, this Fall and at next year’s Safari Club International Show , Reno, NV in January.
      The first two have already been sold and the next four have orders pending.

If you are interested in details and costings, please contact me and I will keep you apprised of the progress of the next Charles Boswells, my dream that is “ dreamed with open eyes, to make it possible.”


     From March 31st you will find me helping out on the Famars di Abbiatico & Salvinelli booths at Shows in the USA, starting with The Southern Side by Side Championships in April 23-25 at Deep River Sporting Clays, in Sanford, NC. I invite you to come and see me there, see the wonderful guns, have a great show and a great time.
      I have an agreement of mutual assistance with Famars and I will be working with them on their advertising, marketing and Show schedules in the future. I will still maintain a good relationship with E.J. Churchill as I do with many other companies, so if you have any inquiries about the company or its products, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will continue to offer Shooting Schools and Custom Gunfittings across the country and will shortly have a fine collection of guns for examination and demonstration.


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