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sporting attire from savile row • steel shot alternatives

About Saville Row Sporting

     Savile Row Sporting is a natural development for Norton & Sons’ fine tradition. Established in 1821, Norton & Sons is the only company in the world today that specializes in Bespoke Field Sport Clothing. However, sensing that its clients may also desire ready-tailored Field Sport garments, Norton & Sons is devoting its practical tailoring experience to develop a unique range

shooting jacket

Woodland Shooting Jacket

Available fully Bespoke or Ready Tailored

of clothing, outerwear and accessories under the Savile Row Sporting label. Combining the latest and best technology with elegant, traditional materials — fine tweeds, silks and cottons — to bring you the high quality garments you have come to expect from Norton & Sons. Country Life and all it embodies is an intrinsic part of British Culture and style. Savile Row Sporting places a high value on catering to ladies' and gentlemen's needs in this area.

      Many of our clients are associated with hunting, shooting and fishing activities, and jealously guard their leisure and sporting hours. In all these pursuits, ladies and gentlemen are as particular concerning their Sporting Dress as they are with the rest of their wardrobe. The Savile Row Sporting Collection of Field Sports Clothing and Outerwear is available at Norton & Sons premises, No. 16 Savile Row and through specialised exhibitions & trunk shows in the U.S.A. Not only will Savile Row Sporting be able to fulfil your sartorial needs on a ready-tailored or bespoke basis, but also to offer Field Sport equipment, such as fine firearms, gun cabinets, gun cases and other shooting accessories through the Savile Row Sporting Gun Room.

field jacket

     Norton Vienna Field Jacket
Savile Row Sporting teamed up with Gore to produce the resilient and finely detailed Vienna Field Jacket. The jacket is available in cotton EITHER Forest Green, Cinnamon Ventile or the distinctive House Tweed.

shooting vest    
    Competition Shooting Vest
Savile Row Sporting offers a variety of ready-tailored vests and waistcoats for your Field Sport pleasure. Whether for clay practice, visiting the race course or local shoot, you'll find what you need at 16 Savile Row. Available ready to wear.

We will also be offering exclusive Savile Row Sporting travel opportunities that include field sports activities.
      Both traditional and originally designed materials in Tweed, Cashmere and Silk are offered by Savile Row Sporting when taloring sporting garments, together with elegant Smoking Jackets in which to relax after a day in the field.

What Shot Should I use?
     I was recently taken aback by an acquaintance telling me, “I did some testing with that new Hevi-Shot in my Model 12.” It seems almost incomprehensible that after the 1981 mandate of nontoxic shot for waterfowl hunting, many hunters and shooters still do not understand the consequences of shooting very hard steel and steel-shot derivatives in shotguns not designed for this shot. Conversely, they don’t seem aware of the ready availability
of alternative nontoxic shot that is compatible with any shotgun in good condition, designed for modern ammunition.
      Shotguns not specifically made to shoot steel shot, i.e. Model 12s, Browning Auto-5s, all the classic doubles, etc., should not be fired with steel shot, Federal’s tungsten/iron or Remington’s Hevi-Shot. The barrels and choking systems are not made for the very hard pellets.

      However, bismuth pellets loaded by the Bismuth Cartridge Company and Kent’s Impact Tungsten/Martix, that blends micro-fine tungsten with a polymer, are specifically made for our “old” shotguns, new ones too. Bismuth better approximates lead in density than steel, and Kent’s Impact closely matches the density of lead. Both respond to choking like lead, furthermore, both are available in 2 1/2-inch cartridges.

John Taylor

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