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The Gazette

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      In the course of my travels, I’ve come across some very good products, services and publications that may be of interest to you.
   I’ve asked some of the purveyors of those products to describe them for this edition of The Gazette.

Hear the Difference

     The ESP-(Electronic Shooters Protection) Custom-fitted Digital Ear protection are the best thing we've ever "heard". They are expensive, no doubt, but what is your hearing worth? They are adjustable so you can hear people talk and (more important!) you can hear the rustle of a bird getting up! ESP also makes the less expensive, (but ALL Custom Earplugsfitted) ESP Elite (analog) and the ESP Silencer (for trap and rifle shooters) plus their standard $40.00 Custommolded Plugs which can be used as the mold "pattern" when you decide to up-grade. ESP is at most Shows and competitions, so check them out!

1-800-767-7791 and www.ESPAmerica.com.

See the Difference

     The Ranger and Ranger XL Shooting Systems are really exceptional shooting glasses! They are produced by Henry Morgan of Morgan Optical - an experienced shotgunner for over 30 years. He knows what a difference the right glasses can make in your shooting...(Rule No. 1...SEE the target!).
      He specializes in prescription lenses, and also makes the plano lenses in all 12 shades of color. (A frame and 3 sets of plano lenses start at only $109.00!) If you are interested,

call 1-800-803- 6117 or see www.morganoptical.net.


Clayshooting Magazine

ClayShooting USA is the new magazine produced exclusively for those who enjoy Sporting Clays shooting in all its forms. Now incorporating the Clay Pigeon newspaper, ClayShooting USA brings you an unrivalled mix of news, instruction, debate and technical information in a high gloss, high-quality package. Edited and produced by shooters for shooters, Clayshooting USA’s team has unrivalled experience in the sport, drawing on the best writers and contributors from both sides of the Atlantic.
      In each issue you will find in-depth instructional articles for shooters of all levels from novice to advanced, with regular guest columns from elite competitors, plus the latest reports frommajor championships and sponsored shoots. Comprehensive gun tests keep you up to date with all the newest developments and we take you behind the scenes at the major gunmakers. Regular features on cartridges, chokes and other ballistic issues allow you to get the optimum performance from your equipment and we also delve into the mental side of competition.
     Most of all, ClayShooting USA is an independent title with strong opinions; opinions that we are not afraid to voice when necessary. We represent the shooters’ interests first and foremost and we are committed to the future growth and success of this great sport.
      To find out more, check out our web site www.clayshootingusa.com where you can read a selection of articles from our archives.

      Subscriptions cost just $29.95 per year (8 issues) and you can subscribe by calling (210) 691-5551 or email info@clayshootingusa.com

The Return of the Land Rover Defender

Land Rovers

     The Overland Shooting Brake Company LLC is offering new Land Rover Defenders, the legendary British overland vehicles.
      These vehicles are assembled in Thomasville, Georgia using 100% new Land Rover Parts. Each vehicle is custom built and a huge variety of options are available, ranging from executive series appointments such as leather seating to expedition rigging for serious overland travels.
      All vehicles are full time four wheel drive with a turbo diesel engine.Prices for a new Defender 90 start at about $50,000, a Defender 110 starts at about $55,000, and a Defender 130 starts at about $60,000, all nicely equipped with air conditioning.

For information contact Max Beverly at
(229) 226-1011 or e-mail him at mfb@rose.net.



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