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The Gazette
good gear • good reading • good gauge

British Sporting
Arms Ltd.

Spring weather can be extremely unpredictable, to say the least. So the clever and very discriminating owners of British Sporting, Arms, Ltd., Charles and Margaret Schneible, have selected several indispensable items to help you cope with the vagaries of the Season. To order call 800-318-8693 or visit their website: www.bsaltd.com

From Schoffel,jacket Europe's leading manufacturer of lightweight technica waterproofs comes The Ptarmigan Jacket. This coat is 100% waterproof, windproof, highly breathable and, amazingly, machine-washable. Color: Hunter Green
Men sizes 38-52
Ladies Sizes 4-12 $585.00

shooting shirtFrom Braeval, the Artemis Shooting Shirt combines European style with American outdoor function.
District Check, Brown Check, Brown Plaid
Sizes: M. L. XL, XXL $134.00

Our Ladies' Sheepskin Giletsheepskin vest is the most very stylish way to keep warm during
outdoor pursuits of
all kinds.
Color: Chocolate
Sizes: 4-12

And just in… The Hunter’s All-Leather Wellington. Aptly named “The Crown”, it is the very best we’ve seen… 100% water-proof, of course, with rubber welting and treads, it is practical, comfortable and elegant… as all good things should be! All Sizes $440.00

The Upland Almanac
For the Bird Hunting Enthusiast

Upland Almanac

     We asked John Gosselin, the Founder, Editor of The Upland Almanac, for an opening quote we could use to describe his popular Quarterly.
     “I started this magazine because I wanted to read it! There didn’t seem to be a publication that fit that little niche of people like me and my friends. We’re the dogged, relentless and, dare I say slightly insane, bird hunters whose idea of a fantastic day of upland shooting is following our dogs through dense woods and thick cover, seeing 3 grouse and maybe shooting one!”

     “In the beginning, it was The Grouse Pointe Almanac, but I soon realized that I needed to expand the scope of the magazine to include more upland experiences and, frankly, to reach a larger audience. So I changed the name to The Upland Almanac.”
      In just seven years, this well-designed Quarterly has grown into the favorite read of upland shooters throughout the United States, Canada and beyond.
      Each issue contains reports of exciting destinations and upland bird forecasts, shooting tips, articles on dog handling, write-ups on fine shotguns, equipment reviews and even a culinary section to help turn that “one bird” into a delicious feast!

To subscribe to The Upland Almanac, contact John Gosselin at 802-849-900 or by e-mail at info@uplandalmanac.com. Visit their website - www.uplandalmanac.com.

Shotgun Combo Gauge Measures Up...

measuring gauge

     …And down and sideways! In fact, this compact aluminum measuring gauge is just about as handy a tool as you can have, if you are even mildly interested (and who isn’t) in how your gun really measures up.
     As you can see in the photos below, just about every aspect of the gun can be calculated very accurately in inches or centimeters.
     The aluminum extension lengthens the gauge to 48 inches,
so Side by Sides as well as Over and Unders and semi-automatics are easily measured. And, at $118.95, the price is right.

For more information, contact The Robert Louis Company, 31 Shepard Hill Rod, Newtown, CT 06470 call 800-979-9156, e-mail sales@shotguncombogauge.com or visit their website: www.shotguncombogauge.com.

measuring gauge

measuring gauge

measuring gauge

measuring gauge

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