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In The Gunroom • Charles Boswell .410 • Eley Shot Shells


     There has always been a premium charged by the Best Gunmakers for the smaller gauges.

Boswell top It is extremely difficult to make a gun that is consistently reliable in both detonation and ejection in the .410 gauge - to achieve this is the ultimate demonstration of the Gunmaker’s Art. To do so in the superposed action requires even more skill.
     Due to their scaled-down size, the room for the firing mechanism is extremely limited. A .410 cartridge requires the same force to detonate it as a 12 gauge, however, the hammer and springs in the .410 are 1/3rd the size of those in the 12.
      My ambition with Charles Boswell Gunmakers was to specialize in these hard-to build small gauges. The first gun made was a 28 gauge, and I am pleased to tell you that the proud owner reports a trouble-free First Season!

Boswell Side

     In fact, shooting his 28 gauge Boswell, he shot his best score on the 5-Stand ever, with any gauge. I, too, was very pleased with the way the 28 gauge turned out, which made the decision to build the .410 that much easier.
     This new .410 Boswell is a gun of such quality and rarity I felt it deserved engraving of equal quality and rarity. So, I chose to have the gun Full Game Scene engraved, complemented by a deep relief scroll.
     I believe that Game Scenes should match the quarry for which the gauge is used, so this .410 is decorated with Bob White Quail, Red Leg Partridge and Woodcock. The work was carried out by one of Italy’s finest and most sought-after engravers, Diego Bonsi. It is, quite honestly, magnificent!

      The photographs shown here are of the locks and action of the .410 being assembled and finished in the Boswell London workshops. Hopefully the gun will be completed in good time for display at the forthcoming Shows and Exhibitions.
     At present, there are 7 Baby Boswells, including 2 pairs, wending their merry way through the workshops. All are small gauges and equally exquisite. A Charles Boswell Gunmakers brochure and website, www.charlesboswell.com, will be available this spring.

Boswell side 2

For anyone interested in ordering a new gun, due to the dollar-pound exchange rate, the price now starts at $45,000.00.  

Eley Cartridges, First and Superb!

    Eley Shotgun Ammunition has long been known for its reliability, consistency and dependability… good qualities in both shotgun shells and competitive shooters!

     The Eley First, a 12 Gauge, 2 1/2 inch target load is a favorite among shooters who require all the above-mentioned qualities, but at a reasonable price. Available in 1 oz. and 1 1/8 oz. in both plastic and fibre wad, this is an economical cartridge that out-performs most of the more expensive products.
     It is great for shooting in fine and vintage guns, particularly those with 2 1/2” inch chambers. Eley sponsored The 12 Gauge Preliminary Hammer Event at the 2004 Vintage Cup.

        Eley First cartridges were provided for all the participants who were unaminous in their appreciation of the shell’s performance.

Winning Shooters

  August Crocker, shown here with Ray Poudrier at The Vintage Cup 2004, won the High Hammer Gun Event using the Eley First in his 12 gauge Jeffrey.

      The Eley Superb Competition is an extremely fast cartridge with relatively low recoil, designed to crush targets at long distances. This 12 gauge, 2 3/4 inch shell uses a unique UEE propellant and a slower primer which allows the barrel time to be regulated, resulting in a smooth yet powerful performance.

It comes in both 1oz and 1 1/8 oz. and is considered “an awesome Sporting and FITASC load!” It really is Eley’s ultimate Sporting ammunition.
For more information on Eley

      Shotshells, visit their website www.eleyshotshells.comor call their offices in Austin , Texas at 512-821-9953.

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