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wingshooting dvd/vhs • new book on clays

the Double Gun”

A Unique Approach to the Instructional Video with Chris Batha & Bruce ScottVideo cover

For the Wing Shooter who shoots clays, for the Clay Shooter who hunts.

To order your copy please send a check for $64.95 (specifying VHS or DVD) to Chris Batha Shooting Schools, 43 Pinckney Colony Road, Okatie SC 29909. Shipping is included.

Chris Batha's New Book "Breaking Clays" is REALLY On the Way!
    After months of writing and re-writing, this long-awaited ( by us as well) book on Clay Shooting is at the Printers!
    The book is being printed in four color, liberally illustrated with drawings, photo illustrations, photographs, graphs and charts, “Breaking Clays” is sure to be a valuable addition to the serious shooter’s reference library
     Originally it was to be a compilation of all the articles that Chris Batha has written over the last 15 years, but it quickly became evident that that was an overly-optimistic theory!
     While the literally hundreds of columns were used as reference, what has emerged is a compact yet comprehensive “workbook” for the Clay Shooter intent on getting those few more elusive targets.
     To place a pre-publication order for an Autographed First Edition at $35.00, shipping included, please call 866-254-2406 or e-mail chrisbatha@aol.com or send a check to Chris Batha Shooting School, 43 Pinckney Colony Road, Okatie, SC 29909.

Front book cover

The new cover art by Graphic Designer Jeff Love has added some real excitement!

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As we mentioned in The Introduction, we are producing more now and, imagine that,
it is costing more now! However, we feel that asking you to subscribe to what was essentially
a free publication, should entitle you to some benefits that you wouldn’t get if it’s free.

With that concept in mind, this edition we are introducing
The Gazette Exchange and Mart
which will ultimately be sent to Charter Subscribers only!

This section will be the place to buy, trade and sell anything shooting-related:
shotguns, equipment, dogs, 4X4’s…whatever you have to buy, trade or sell.

Your classified advertisement in The Gazette Exchange and Mart will reach your
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However, as a Charter Subscriber, we want you to have three additional benefits.

Benefit Number One:
Charter Subscribers will get a 5% Discount on all Shooting Lessons,
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Benefit Number Two:
The Gazette Exchange and Mart which will include The Gazette Gun List
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Benefit Number Three:
The first classified ad you place in The Gazette Exchange and Mart is FREE!

Now, isn’t that value for money? We hope you think so too!

If you would like to subscribe, please download and print the Order Form form
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The Gazette - The Chris Batha Shooting School
43 Pinckney Colony Road
Okatie, SC 29909

or contact via email:

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