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Fall Grouse Shooting in Scotland • Rough & Driven

The Glorious Grouse

     Often referred to as God’s Lost Wilderness, nothing can compare to the rugged beauty of the Grouse Moor. Its remote and inhospitable locations in Northern England and Scotland have resulted in the last truly natural and un-spoiled wingshooting habitat.

Grouse in flight
     This wilderness, between the heights of 750 and 3,000 feet above sea level, is the home of the most exciting wingshooting quarry in the world, the Red Grouse This evocative bird is capable of incredible flying performance, both in speed and distance, being able to reach 70 miles per hour and sustain it for over 1 mile.
     Living in coveys of 12 to 16, they are fiercely territorial.

While walking the moors it is not uncommon to be challenged by a cock bird hovering 20 feet above the heather with its distinctive KA-KA-KA cry! In the early season it is traditional to walk them up over dogs and little can compare to the majestic beauty of watching English setters and pointers working against the background of purple heather.
     But the most exciting and exhilarating experience has to be Driven Grouse! Nothing can compare to the electric anticipation of taking part in a day’s Driven Grouse shooting! Standing chest deep in a stone or peat “butt”, looking out over miles of rolling moor, scores of beaters orchestrate the herding and driving of the grouse towards the waiting guns. This event is something the discerning sportsman should experience at least once in his lifetime.
      Though theStanding grouse biggest bags have traditionally been shot in Northern England, the Scottish moors are considered more majestic.

Driven shootThe best of the shooting occurs is around the end of August to the beginning of September, and this coming season I am going to film a television program for the HDTV Show “Wingshooting the World with Chris Batha” at a very exclusive moor in northern Scotland. The hunt will last 5 days and consist of 2 Walked-up Grouse Days over pointers, and 2 Driven Grouse Days (80 to 100 brace) and 1 day of Driven Partridge (200).
There is an opportunity for a team of 8 guns to join me. This can be a full team or individuals and spouses are welcome. If you would like to join me in this Most Excellent Adventure, dates, details and price are available upon request. Call 1-866-254-2406.

Rough and Driven Shooting in Southwest Scotland

     Using my charm and influence with my old partner and good friend Ken Duglan of Atkin Grant & Lang Gunmakers, I have negotiated a fantastic package based around his renowned shoot at the Corsewall Estate on the Southwest Coast of Scotland.
     This will be one of the Shoots featured in the television series “Wing Shooting the World with Chris Batha” and we know Ken will go all-out , as usual to ensure fabulous shooting and memorable times.



      Working the hedgerows and rough places with a dog or two, anticipating the clattering emergence of a cock... “upping” with indignation as a pheasant is launched from it cover by an eagar spaniel - these vivid image will be recalled time and time again

The Dates: November 13 to 19, 2005
The Team of 8 Guns will enjoy:

Three Driven Days of 200 Pheasant and Partridge
Two Walked-up Days of Grouse
Two Duck and Goose Flights

All included:
Six nights at the Fernhill Hotel and
all meals.
British Visitors Shotgun Permits
All cartridges and Shoot lunches
4X4 Shoot transport and transfers
to and from the shoot each day

Total cost excluding, gratuities, liquor and phone calls: $5,740.00 The cost for non-shooting partners is $2,500.00.

To confirm your place, a 50% deposit is required by May 1st.

Mixed Bag

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