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The Gazette

     David Southgate was born and brought up in South Africa. He has operated his studios at Hungry Head on the Australian North Coast since 1983. David's grasp of the unique character, drama and motion of many wild species grew from a childhood of directly observing their behaviour in the wild.
       An early career of zoology in Australia deepened that commitment, and also broadened the practical base of knowledge and experience which distinguishes his wildlife art today.
      He is now working to produce a series of oil paintings, focused on his lifelong fascination with the historic tradition of double rifles and dangerous game.
     "When Two's Company and Three's a Crowd" is the first of this series.


Oil painting

David welcomes all interest and inquiries at: mail@hungryheadstudios.com


     There is an English artist and sculptor that I would very much like to introduce to you: Simon Gudgeon.
      He not only has a great talent but he is blessed with an incredible 'Eye'. As a wildlife sculptor, Simon Gudgeon posesses the essential artist's skill ... the ability to observe, evaluate and interpret the way animals and birds look and move in the wild. This understanding of wildlife, one of his greatest strengths, was learned growing up on his family's farm in Yorkshire.
      His inspiration has always derived from his passionate love of nature and this passion is displayed in each and every sculpture.

Bronze birds

Bronze birds

He believes that before you sculpt a creature, you have to understand it and where it comes from in order to truly capture a true representation.
      Simon Gudgeon's work is easily recognizeable. Every piece is minimalist, uncluttered with detail yet the smooth, flowing lines express flight and movement perfectly. Known for sculpting both British and African wildlife, he is particularly admired for his depictions of birds in flight.His exceptional presentations of birds use ingenious bases that create the illusion that the sculptures are floating rather than being anchored to the ground.

      Without a doubt his signature style is most clearly observed in his sculptures of Red Grouse. The smallest of details - the curve of a beak, the angle of the neck... the shape of a wing - combine to create a sculpture so evocative that you have to keep watching to see when it will take flight!

For information: www.simongudgeron.com
Gill's Hole Farm, Redlynch,
Salisbury, Wiltshire SP5 2JX

Bronze bird

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