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The Gazette

Purdy shirtWith warm weather on the brink of arrival, Shooters are thinking of ways to look good, no matter what their score.
British Sporting Arms has a light, fantastic selection of cool apparel for the Summer Season.
Purdey is always in style!
      Their 100 cotton tattersall shirt is soft and comfortable from the very first time you wear it. In red, gold and brown (shown) Sizes 15-19
L560T- $112.00
Drakes' tiesThe Woodcock Flies on London Silk.
Sporting Ties Hand made for BSLT by Drakes of London.
These finest quality woven silk ties come in all the colors shown. L430A $98.00

      Field Bags For Any Necessity.
Sporting Bags from Yorkshire feature three- ply canvas and saddle leather.Yorkshire bags
Practical and handsome.
A. The Somerset - L0104 $115.00
B. The Bror - L0102 $115.00
C. The Test - L0103 $108.00

To Order: www.bsaltd.com
3684 Route 44, Millbrook, NY 12545

The Shooting and Fishing Quarterly

     Britain now has its own definitive sporting magazine, aimed at the game shot who enjoys a spot of fishing in the summer, Fieldsports is a handsome package featuring the very best in photography and authoritative writing.
      Its editor is Mike Barnes, who has unrivaled experience as founder of The Shooting Gazette and editor of shooting magazines for nearly 30 years.

He is also the author of five books on the sport, a member of the Purdey Game Awards panel and a Game Conservancy Trustee.
      "By deliberately limiting the number of advertisement pages, we have by far the biggest editorial package that has ever been seen in a British sporting magazine. We are also able to go into depth with major features on game species, sporting artists, guns, great estates and much more. We have a first class team of writers, including top coach Chris Batha."
      This is a lush production where the substance matches the style -the kind of magazine which has never been available. Limited advertising content, fabulous visuals, authoritative and entertaining writing. And of course, the perfect gift.

4 Issues (one year) for only £36.
Order on line: www.fieldsportsmag.com
or call our credit card hotline:
011- 44 - 185 -843 -8854
8:00am to 9:30pm GMT on weekdays,
8:00am to 4:00pm GMT on Saturdays.

      Leave it to the Company that brought improved vision to the military to develop a set of lenses that improve the way you see a target. But those Randolph Engineers must never sleep. First came CMT, Color Magnification Technology and now the XLW Frame!
      The 8 base XL Wrap Frame is designed just for shooters. An adjustable bridge enables you to personalize the fit to your face and shooting position with your choice of non-slip bayonet temples or comfort fit cable temples. Both frame colors: Matte Black and Matte Chrome, are made from high-tensile metal alloys that ensure years of perfect fit and function.
      The XLW system comes with three 2.5mm shatter-proof ballistic polycarbonate lenses in 6 fixed-tint colors so you get the perfect contrast for the light conditions and target every time.
Randolph frames       Chris Batha says, "You have probably noticed that in every frame of every photo, DVD or Television Show in which you see my smiling face, when I am shooting, my eyes are protected by Randolph Ranger Shooting Glasses. I highly recommend these glasses to each and every shooter I meet."
Visit: www.randolphusa.com
Randolph Engineering
26 Thomas Patten Dr.,
Randolph, MA 02368
For prescription lenses:
Morgan Optical Sport Glasses
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