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arrow laser shot • boremaster Gauge

Making a Case for Quality

     I have been using the Arrow Laser Shot in my gun fitting and shooting schools for the past two years. It is a deceptively simple device that does exactly what it says on the box: it can check point of impact, confirm your gun fit and can be used to develop a smooth swing and gun mount. I admit to suffering from technophobia, so I was delighted to discover how easy this device is to use.
     Manufactured from aluminum tube with a conical taper to fit the muzzle and a spring- loaded, three ball-bearing configuration, it firmly locates and locks itself into the barrel. The three ball bearings self-center the tube in the bore, ensuring accurate alignment and true point of impact in every gun I have ever tried it in, regardless of the choke present.
     Operation is easy, simple and functional. A coiled metal band attached to a yard of insulated wire is slipped onto the trigger finger. When the band is touched against the trigger or other part of the gun, the electrical circuit is completed and the laser turns on.


Arrow  Laser Shot

     It has now become an essential piece of my gun fitting kit! It is invaluable in determining the point of impact of a client’s gun on my initial valuation of the gun’s fit. The Arrow Laser Shot also checks the impact point of both barrels to determine that they both shoot in the same place.

     After adjusting the try gun to the client, I use the Arrow Laser Shot to “dry check” my initial fitting. I also use it on most gun fittings to determine the consistency or inconsistency of the client’s gun mount, potentially a gun fitter’s nightmare.
     As an instructor, the Arrow Laser Shot is priceless when it comes to teaching a smooth and consistent gun mount. After all, 80% of all misses are caused by an inconsistent gun mount. In fact, the only fault I can find with this marvelous device, is that I never had one years ago!
     The Arrow Laser Shot was originally only available in a 12/20 gauge combo. It now comes in a 4 Gauge Set - 12/20/28/.410.

For more information and prices contact Arrow Laser Shot Ltd. - Tel. 011-44-125-286-0913 or visit their website: www.arrow-laser-shot.com

The Boremaster Measures Up to Expectations!
     The Robert Louis Company, first known for their popular Shotgun Combo Gauge, has done it again! After over a year of testing and experimentation, they have introduced a very handy new measuring device, appropriately named The Boremaster Multi-Bore Gauge.
     As the name implies, this compact tool measures the inside dimensions of any shotgun barrel, from .410 to 4 gauge, to a depth of six inches. The 6 inch probes are spring-loaded to produce the same pressure along the walls of the barrels as the measurements are taken.

Boremaster gauge
     This is a very helpful and handy gauge to have in your workshop, at a gun show or even when out shooting. You can check (or double-check) the chokes in either specific bore diameter or actual constriction, simply by touching the “0” button.
You can even measure your screw-in chokes in or out of your shotgun as the actual constriction relative to the barrel bore diameter.
     Chamber length is measured by inserting the probe into the chamber and when the forcing cone is met, that is the chamber length – read in both inches and metric as inscribed on The Boremaster.
     These measurements up to the 6 inch depth convey a lot of information to the shooter or potential purchaser, even though the entire length of the barrel is not measured. And the compact size of The Boremaster makes it easy to keep close at hand.

Boremaster Illustration

For more information on The Boremaster and other Robert Louis Company Products, call 800-979-9156 or visit www.shotguncombogauge.com.


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