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The Sportsmans Gallery • Good Artwork

Wayne McLoughlin

Lester Bear
     In the course of our travels, we have discovered many new and interesting artists.. but never one with that rare combination of classical training, wonderful skill and a wicked sense of humour!
Wayne McLoughlin was born in Wales in 1944. His interest in nature began as a young explorer of Hampstead Heath, London, then later, of the swamps of northern Florida where he often recorded his hunting and fishing experiences in sketches and paintings.
     Wayne pursued a dual major in Fine Art and anthropology at San Diego State University. After working overseas in television and commercial design, Wayne embarked on a career creating illustrated humor parodies for national magazines, including Esquire, Omni, Next, Yankee, and National Lampoon. Major corporations like Citibank, Ford Motor Company, IBM, Motorola, Adidas, Texaco, and Mastercard also commissioned award-winning pieces for their special projects and campaigns.
Lester Lion     Wayne is an avid hunter and fly fisherman whose knowledgeable base of information and experience informs both his writing and painting. For twenty years he has served as a regular contributor to outdoor magazines like Sports Afield and, more recently, to Fly Rod & Reel. He was a Contributing Editor to Field & Stream for over a decade, where he explored the humorous side of the sportsman’s life in prose and pictures.
     He will be showing at The Adirondack Living Show, Lake George, New York - August 18, 19 & 20, 2006.

     To read his full story and see more examples of his work, visit www.blueloonfinearts.com

Floyd C. Robbins

Blue Dove Dove with shotgun shells

     Floyd Robbins is a nationally recognized wildlife artist whose woodcarvings, watercolours and bronzes are collected by individuals and corporations throughout the United States and Canada.
     Best known for his dynamic and wonderfully-detailed bird carvings, he creates amazingly realistic Game Birds, Waterfowl, Songbirds and Birds of Prey.

     Wing shooters familiar with the various game species particularly appreciate his ability to capture the movement of these birds in his art.
     Robbins’ wildlife carvings require such painstaking accuracy it may take months to complete a mayor piece.

     His prices start at about $7,000.00 for an individual bird, but appreciative collectors know when they commission a work of this quality that it will take time - they also know it is more than worth the wait.
For more information contact Floyd Robbins at fcrobbins@hargray.com.

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