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The Gazette
The wingshooting Watch

     The Gazette is distributed quarterly to over 15,000 subscribers, all avid wing and clay shooters, and connoisseurs of fine guns - hail and hearty fellows well-met! I would conservatively estimate that in any year, among the combined readership, practically every wingshooting species is hunted across many countries on several continents.
     This creates a vast amount of experience - invaluable experience. Consider if you were planning the hunt of a lifetime, would it not be good to access first-hand information on the outfitters, lodges and guides in the area you wanted to go? Then there is getting there and back, permits, licenses, and routes, not to mention suitable clothing and the all- important choice of gun and cartridge.

Share Your Wingshooting Experiences!

     I would like to invite you, our readers, to share your hunting experiences in The Wingshooting Watch. I hope you will submit reports of your wingshooting activities which will, in turn, help your fellow Gazetteers in their planning on where to go and who to go with for the world’s best wingshooting adventures.
     I plan to make this section of The Gazette a First Stop Reference to the best hunting outfitters and wingshooting guides based on your personal experience…an exchange of informative, instructional and entertaining reading describing your trips wingshooting the world.
     If you would like to contribute to The Wingshooting Watch, please submit up to 300 words and up to three photographs to:

Via Mail
Chris Batha - Wingshooting Watch
43 Pinckney Colony Road
Okatie, SC 29909
Via E-Mail
Subject: Wingshooting Watch
843-757-4835 Direct Line

     Please include the name and contact information for the Outfitter or location you recommend. If you would like to be a reference, include your contact information as well.

     Submissions may be edited to comply with the size of space and content. Articles will be used in order of receipt. All original materials will be returned.

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