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Charles Boswell • The pendragon & more

Charles Boswell's Newest Shotgun - The Pendragon

     There are very few young men today who are prepared to enter an apprenticeship of several years to learn what are in truth, archaic and antiquated skills. This is why the supply of craftsmen able to build and service a ‘Best Gun’ is slowly dwindling. It is this scarcity of skilled workmen, along with the ever-increasing cost of materials that has placed the ownership of a Best London Gun beyond the reach of the majority of sportsmen.
      When I started on the path of building new Charles Boswell guns, it was my intention to keep them priced under $45,000.00. I only have the capacity to manufacture a maximum of 10 Boswells a year, and ,with the exception of the added costs of custom engraving, have so far been able to keep the price in that line.. Still, I recognize that there are many sportsman who, given the chance and the right price, would like to own and shoot a “bespoke” gun.
      The distinguished pedigree of the Charles Boswell Sporting Shotgun reaches back to the time of such popular pastimes as live pigeon shooting and game shooting. Then, as now, there were sportsmen of various backgrounds and depths of pocket taking part in all these sports. A gun maker would have been very foolish to build only one type of gun. A brief glance at the brochures and catalogues of the time show a variety of guns offered in a variety of prices.

illustrated shotgun
Pendragon shotgun
    With this more economical sportsman in mind, I have decided to build a second gun, The Pendragon. This will first be offered as a 20 gauge Over and Under, entirely made in England.
      For the enthusiast who enjoys both Clay and Game shooting, The Pendragon model will have that perfect balance of looks, reliability, balance, handling and tradition, all keeping true to the aesthetic qualities of a Charles Boswell Best Gun.
      The Pendragon Over-and-Under will retain all the looks and grace of a Charles Boswell gun, its distinctive and instinctive handling. Yet the new design is highly engineered - strong and reliable - more than equal to the demands of the client who likes to shoot both clays and game year- round. To that person who expects to fire thousands of cartridges throughout the year, performance is the key to this new design.
      Without sacrificing the traditional good looks of the classic English over-and-under shotgun, The Pendragon comes in at a price and with the specifications that offers tremendous scope for the shooter with specific requirements.
      Finding a gunsmith in the USA that can work on a Best Gun can be daunting, so the gun has been designed for outstanding reliability and ease of maintenance without sacrificing the instinctive handling that only a bespoke gun possesses.
      A Best Gun should truly look like a Best London Gun in every sense. The Pendragon does… and more!
Built to true weight and scale, it is an accurate copy of that icon of British Gunmaking, the Boss Over and Under, complete with side plates and the extended forend iron. However, The Pendragon is built on a completely new ‘v’ spring trigger plate design, and the entire assembly is easily removed for inspection and cleaning.
      The Pendragon features a single non-selective trigger with either traditional choke (regulated for the chosen quarry or target), or multi-chokes, fitted before proof by the renowned choke expert, Nigel Teague. This creates a very flexible gun for the discerning sportsman.
      The Pendragon will be available in 4 models. All as above, with deluxe well-figured Turkish walnut stock hand-shaped to your dimensions, Prince of Wales grip and Boss – style, round, push-rod forend, twenty-six point chequering and all pins and furniture Best London blacked.

Border scroll engraved with black action $25,500.00
Partial scroll engraved with colour-cased action $27,500.00
Full Rose and Scroll engraved with choice of coin or colour-cased action $29,500.00
Full game scene engraving - Price on Application.

Build-time is approximately 12 months. A 50% deposit with your order starts the gun, and, of course, a custom gun fitting is included at no additional charge.

Contact ChrisBatha@aol.com

Charles Boswell Proper British Cartridge Bags!

cartridge bag

A. All leather, suede–lined, with a comfortable canvas strap.2 bags

Charles Boswell Cartridge Bags are designed in the Traditional Payne Gallway style – wide at the bottom, so they stand on their own, with an opening large enough that you can reach in and take out a full handful of cartridges.
Now available in two styles.

B. Canvas and leather, in both Russet (shown) and Green.

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