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The Gazette

In The next edition

Don’t miss the Fall Edition of The Gazette, a real feast of features and reports from the World of Wingshooting!

     The Sportsman’s Gallery turns the spotlight on one of Britain’s foremost sculptors. Simon Gudgeon has received worldwide recognition for his outstanding contemporary wildlife pieces. An avid sportsman and consummate country lover, his passion for wingshooting is demonstrated in every sculpture. He is so skilled at capturing the essence of the species that you would not be surprised to see the bronze grouse break it’s ties and fly away.

     Shooting Tips and Techniques where the emphasis is on the three R’s – “Rushing Ruins Rhythm” - short pre-season sharpener on the benefits of a smooth move to the target. Walking up game over dogs we can learn a great deal from our forbearers… there is a lot more to the adage “Butt, Belly, Beak, Bang” than you would think.
I have received several letters in regard to the wingshooting technique known as the “Nickerson Wrist Flick”; I will describe this technique, its application and the reasons “For and Against”.

In The Gun Room

     That Bastion of British gunmaking James Purdey & Sons has announced that it is to commence limited production of The Purdey Sporter. Breaking completely with tradition, the new gun will have a trigger plate action. Provoking even more debate, the new gun is to be made in Italy. I will give a full description, my impressions of the new gun together with pricing and availability.
     Krieghoff enjoys an outstanding reputation among the world's leading shooters. I will review their most famous competition model, The Legendary K-80 which offers unmatched versatility and is the result of the very finest in precision German manufacture and design, backed by over a century of traditional gunmaking experience.
     I am presently working on the Charles Boswell Gunmaker website and brochure. The company continues to receive excellent reviews in the shooting industry magazines, sales are buoyant and clothing, accessories and new guns and rifles are in the works. The first Pendragon will be completed in good time for the Vintage Cup. Pictures and a full review of this exciting new shotgun will be featured in the Fall Edition.

Wingshooting Trips

Gurston Down Shoot in The UK

     Everyone is familiar with the tall tales of British driven sky scraper pheasants; well it all began at a little shoot near Salisbury in Wiltshire, 90 miles south west of London. The was pioneered by David Hitchings over thirty years ago and today is continued in the same tradition by his nephew Robert Hitchings. It is renowned for its highflying pheasant and partridge. Gurston Down Shoot was the first and remains one of the best shoots in England for high, driven game, offering a uniquely memorable experience, with its relaxed, friendly atmosphere, delicious lunch and challenging shooting, a day a Gurston Down Shoot is not soon forgotten, in the next edition I will describe just how they get the pheasant and partridge to fly so high.

Paraguay for Pigeon
     I have found a Pigeon Shooter’s Paradise and that place is Paraguay! The Grand Chaco region produces a good proportion of the world’s peanuts and the recently harvested peanut fields are an irresistible draw to the pigeons and doves that occupy the vast woodlands surrounding the agricultural communities. The resident pigeon population of 8 million is added to by migratory birds from several neighboring countries making it the world's premier destination for high volume pigeons and doves. I liked it so much I have already booked a week for next year. The Fall Edition will have a full description of a truly fantastic wingshooting adventure, including dates and prices.

Driven Partridge in Spain
     I make no apologies for my passion for Spanish Partridge shooting - everyone owes it to themselves to try it once. These fighter squadrons of wild, redleg partridge could be the most challenging game bird that flies. These spectacular high birds combined with five star accommodations, good meals, warm days and crisp nights have sportsmen from all over the world saying ‘Viva Espana’!!

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